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Fresh driving Course

Here we specialize in teaching complete beginners and also those students with a little experience. We also teach nervous individuals who may have previously not had the confidence to attempt driving.

Refresher training course

At Prestige, our refresher courses cover a wide range of driving situations. The courses are designed to provide help and support to drivers:

  1. Wishing to improve existing skills, or indeed to learn new driving techniques, with a view to saving money by reducing motoring costs
  2. Who want to overcome a motoring fear such as motorway driving, driving at night, driving in poor weather conditions
  3. Who experience changes to their personal circumstances, placing additional reliance on travelling by car
  4. Wishing to increase their confidence following involvement in a road traffic incident

defensive driving

Our defensive driver training course is a systematic approach to minimizing driving risks. The course is designed to enhance your driver’s skills.

Other driving programs

  1. Permit Processing & Renewals
  2. VIP Chauffer Protocol & Etiquette Training
  3. Expatriate & Spouse Orientation driver Training
  4. Driver Evaluation (Assessment) for Employment
  5. Ladies Auto Clinic
  6. Fleet Management
  7. Occupational Health
  8. Safety & Environment Training
  9. 4 x 4 Off road Training
  10. Motor bike riding training