Advanced Driver (Refresher) Training Course

Prestige Driving School (PDS) is committed to promoting road safety and the understanding among drivers of the value they add to organizations and therefore how best they contribute to the success of their employers.

The Advanced Driver Training covers the following modules:
  • Defensive Driving Training for HGV and LGV
  • VIP Chauffer Etiquette and Protocol Training
  • 4×4 WD off road Training
  • Customer Care Training for Drivers
  • Driver Assessment for Recruitment (Driver hire Agency Services)

Program Overview

We strongly believe that the Advanced Driver Training we provide go along away in satisfying your need to professionalize your staff in the long run.
The Advanced Driver Training course is defined by the East African Community Standardized Curriculum, however sometimes it is tailored to the client’s need after consultations. In this case we use a Blended Learning Approach.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Any person who has been driving without a Valid Driving License but he/she is eligible to obtain one.
  • Any person with a Valid Driving License and he/she is of sound mind.

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